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Our care services

As part of our basic care, we take on activities that old or sick people can no longer manage on their own. As a competent care center, we are also familiar with 24-hour care for bedridden people.

Care measures in basic care may include:

According to the definition of the Social Security Code, basic care includes supportive measures in all daily matters of people to be cared for. This includes:
  • Big or small body care
  • Nutrition
  • Domestic care
  • Promoting mobility
  • Promotion of independence and communication (care-accompanying services)
Body care is divided into small and large basic body care. Nursing prophylaxis includes decubitus, dehydration and thrombosis prophylaxis. Part of the basic care is also the administration form of meals as part of a balanced diet. To promote mobility, we assist with movement exercises.
Basic care is prescribed by a doctor and the costs are covered by statutory health insurance. If there is a degree of care, the care insurance is the cost bearer. Do you have questions about our basic care services? Contact our helpful care team.
We will be happy to advise you.
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Domestic care

Domestic care is taken over by long-term care insurance funds for people in need of care. It supplements care with services that relate to the home environment of those in need of care.
This includes:
  • Cleaning of the apartment, including all home textiles such as towels and bed linen
  • Shopping for groceries
  • Changing, washing and ironing clothes
  • Regulation of room temperature / heating
  • If you have any questions about our nutritional care services, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Nutrition is not just about serving the meals themselves. We are also happy to plan the meals, purchase them and prepare them in order to guarantee the physical well-being of the people to be cared for in a tasteful manner.
  • If necessary, the food is broken up into bite-sized pieces and drinks are served. We are also very familiar with the preparation of drinking and tube feeding and administer it professionally and routinely.
  • As part of dehydration prophylaxis, we pay attention to a balanced fluid intake and sufficient water intake.
  • We expertly implement specific, medically prescribed diets; such as sugar-free food for diabetics or low-cholesterol meals.
  • Despite all the assistance, our empathetic nursing staff make sure that the independence of the person being cared for is promoted and maintained as far as possible.
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Mobility and its maintenance are one of the most important pillars of care. In the broadest sense, this includes assistance with sitting up or getting up, dressing and undressing, walking, standing and climbing stairs. Mobility exercises reduce the risk of diseases such as thrombosis, bedsores or contractures. In addition, physical activity counteracts mental performance limitations and stimulates the brain metabolism.
  • Through mobility-promoting measures in basic care, we contribute to maintaining and promoting mobility.
  • Seniors in particular are more likely to fall due to physical and mental illnesses. If necessary, we therefore carry out specific exercises to prevent falls.
  • By counteracting muscle breakdown in a targeted manner, we prevent falls due to decreasing strength and avoid serious consequences, which can lead to long-term confinement to bed.
  • Would you like to learn more about mobility in care? Then get in touch.

Care support services

  • Care support services are understood as the individual care of persons to be cared for, which relate to appointments and activities outside the home. These can be walks and seeking therapy or leisure activities.
  • Hourly activation, for example in the case of dementia, is also part of our range of care support services.
  • By running errands and accompanying people to be cared for, we want to provide care that specifically relieves the carers.
  • Care support services can be used by anyone with a degree of care and financed by the care allowance.
  • We would be happy to advise you on our care-related services.
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